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The crop circles: they are not quite simple circles (they were perhaps to the dawns, in past, now almost never); and they are not quite alone in the wheat, on the contrary exist cases of circles in various vegetations and even in the water, on the snow, in the beaches, and circles of light. We add that “sketches” realized in the vegetation are made by humans, and they don't even need particularly advanced technologies or artistic ability. The demonstration of this fact is in the following underlying photos, that show a formation realized in the trees already during the years of the fascism, on a mountain between Lazio and Abruzzo, well visible from the road Salaria few kilometers before the country of Antrodoco (coming from Rome).
alberi tagliati a formare una scritta alberi tagliati a formare una scritta
Another demonstration of it is represented by the recent crop circles created by the Cicap in the attempt (less deserving than the work in itself) to discredit the phenomenon, and all the pictograms realized by the English circles-makers
crop circle ralizzato dal CICAP
Here we will deal with particular cases, anomalous, not directly and necessarily imputable to the phenomenon of crop circles, both that they constitute a form of “land art”, the author is unknown or their origin nearly results unknown. We are not interest in wasting time wandering ourself only about the discourse “alien - not alien”, but we prefer to take in examination the final product, hoping to favor a discussion, that doesn't strand on the prejudices of each. We start with a curious formation appeared on a beach ("Byron Bay"). we Thank David Kingstone for informing us of such curious case. The first photo is taken by the newspaper "Byron Shire Echo" of September 13 th 2005. The following ones hava been sent by Sheryl Gottschall (given to her by a journalist photographer) through David Kingstone

circle su una spiaggia circle su una spiaggia
circle su una spiaggia circle su una spiaggia

In St. Chatarines, in the Ontario (Canada), something of the same kind has been found again on a surface of ice. Amazement is smaller, since it deals with simple circles, apparently not even connected among them. Nevertheless the curiosity to understand their origin is strong, and the question is not easy to be answered.
circle su ghiaccio

Follow other curious cases (thanks to croponline.org), and they still concern of the circles in the ice, on the asphalt, and so called "fairy" circles, isolated by the vegetation.
circle su ghiaccio circle su ghiaccio circle su ghiaccio circle su ghiaccio circle su ghiaccio

Other very curious events - not necessarily connected wiht the crop circles - that are affirming in last years, are the so called "circles of light". Cases are verified especially in Germany and in Japan. Italian TV "StudioAperto" has devoted a tv-service to this phenomenon. The curious thing is constituted by the fact that it would seem the possibility can be excluded that these sketches of light are created by someone with some simple lamps or refracting systems, since they have also appeared under conditions of perpendicular solar light (and therefore not easily refractable for by horizontal on walls of houses, buildings, cars), and has never been sighted none of forehead or in the parts of these strange ones "bright apparitions". In some cases they have appeared entirely also on isolated walls, not being there anything in the proximities in which eventually to lie in ambush to produce or to reflect and to address such bright bundles. We have prepared an informative document very detailed with theories, images, hypothesis, studies etc. (you can see only in italian PDF version for now) Meanwhile, we quote some of the numerous photos (source: www.share-berlin.info/index.htm?circles.htm) together with how much has been dictated in the tv-service of "StudioAPerto".
circles of light in Germania circles of light in Germania circles of light in Germania circles of light in Germania circles of light in Germania circles of light in Giappone circles of light in Germania

Here a brief article taken from the site of "Studioaperto": They appear on the façades of the buildings, but at times also on the asphalt: circular crosses and square irregular affiliate in a perfect circumference and made only of light. After the enigma of the crops circles the elaborate sketches engraved on the ears of the fields of wheat it is this the new mystery that makes discuss scientists, ufologists and students of the mysticism. What are these anxious bright geometries that appear to the sudden one in the cities of United States, Europe, Australia? The first sightings of the circles of light begin in the '88. Since then, photos and signalings are multiplied all over the world. The bright images manifest when the sky is clear and the sun is very strong: the sketches are hacked not on walls and glass door in direct way, but with a perpendicular angle, as if the solar rays could bounce in the shade creating these magic projections.

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