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Cerchi nel grano - Crop circles

June the 26th, 2005: Panocchia (Parma)

crop circle Panocchia (Parma)
image: x-cosmos

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"Panocchia, the mysterious circles. Time of reaping, of heat, of departed nights in the fields to perpetuate the ancient and sacred rite of the crop that once was made manually, while today powerful and futuristic machines swallow ears and ears illuminating the fields with powerful bundles of light. In Panocchia, in the Mario's Schianchi agricultural firm "Ciato", has appeared an inusual and strange image to the operator that was driving the combine harvester: two enormous concentric circles drawn in the wheat. Immediately the surprised witness has connected the images to the famous «crops» seen in television and cinema, and has told the owner of the fund which, from careful and informed person, has immediately put in contact with the ufologist Giorgio Pattera, scientific advisor of the National Ufologic Center. "It deals with a forgery" has affirmed Pattera after attentively having inspected the circle and the ears that were not all broken, and folded up as in the "crop" held "genuine" from the ufologists of the whole world. «The stems of the central crop - has continued the parmesan ufologist - they are broken, some even in more parts. So we have no folding, nor extension or swelling of the knots. The ears result probably press to the base with some heavy utensil". "Besides - has concluded Pattera - the curve of the circumference when it crosses the furrows of the car sower, it becomes a straight line. Inaccuracy, this, dictated perhaps by the peremptory and grieved demand to do soon". Last year, in this season, always in Panocchia, as unknown as imprudent night-wanderers, regardless of the norms that the entry forbids not authorized in other people's ownerships and the damage to the cultivations, they had staged an analogous exploit in a field near the school of the country, causing an unbelievable traffic of curious, sceptic and mystical, and the consequent stoppage of the surrounding roads. Evidently the warm, over to heat the long days in this torrid summer, light and inflame also the nights. The insomnia and the desire to joke make the rest. With all of this that happens so much in the world of ugly, the jokers of Panocchia with theirs false crops, at least, they make laught." 04/07/2005 on-line Parma gazette

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