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16 Giugno 2009: fraz. Moie (Ancona)

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cerchio a Ancona
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17th June 2009: an article by "Il Corriere Adriatico" written by Mauro Molinari, reports the news of a crop circle found near Ancona, at Moie. Here it is the article, not before we thank our friend and collaborator "Nepos" and his portal: http://ufologiamarche.blogspot.com/:

Today, the experts will make inspections to verify certain characteristics and formulate hypotheses
Three large circles on the grain.
Discovered yesterday morning by the owner, worried and frightened.

Moie - He had an unexpected surprise when Galdino Latini yesterday morning has woken up and realized that in his big wheat field there was something strange. To better understand climbed on his car along the ascent of Cornacchia, which leads to the landfill operated by Sogenus. In the field, the grain had been folded to form a grand design made up of three circles, a straight line connecting them and a curved line. All this for a length estimated at about 70 meters and a width of 30. Today, some experts will carry out inspections. The shape recalls the stylized picture of a man. What happened in the Latin? We tried to give him an answer, saying that in his field has formed a Crop Circle, or better than a circle in the grain in Italian, a phenomenon not yet returned, and with many questions already appeared in England in the 70s but today also widespread in many other parts of the planet. But what are the work of Ufo? Galdino asked visibly perplexed. We explained that to answer this question the experts and observers of Crop Circles around the world have made different assumptions, and contrasting Years ago, when the phenomenon was the beginning, mostly confined to the south of England, the majority thought that they were the work of aliens in possession of advanced technologies. Over the years many have thought of organized groups of artists from wheat and night create these complex shapes and then enjoy the reputation that these anonymous provoke public opinion. But in recent times have appeared Crop Circles so huge, complex and perfect as to exclude completely this hypothesis. Part of the new age movement believes that the circles formed by natural phenomena and that is the 'graphic representation of the messages sent by Gaia, mother earth. " This is why many of them spend hours in meditation at the center of the circles. Lately there are movies that bright ball in a few minutes form a circle on the grain. A mystery in progress in recent years that has touched several times to our region. But how can I tell if my work is, or underscores? asked Galdino. It would be necessary to make an inspection to check the typical anomalies: if the ears are folded with a bulge at the base of the stem, if there are dead insects on fire, if the various folded flowers with petals intact spine. If so many and so many doubts. We let you forward a foot in the field.

Continues the "Corriere Adriatico" with another story:

A Montegranaro was gigantic.

Moie - This is not the first time that the Crop Circels appear in the Marche. The first time was in 2005 when a circle with a diameter of one hundred meters to upset the community Montegranaro. A circle so huge and perfect, consisting of a outer ring that intersect other five circles, which occupied the famous foreign scientists and even the transmission of the mysteries of Rai Voyager 2. Then remember that wonderful that was formed in 2007 in Ancona, visible from the motorway, who immediately imposed many questions relating to their dimensions, the slope of the field, the complexity of the design.

As far as we know the owner of the field has already taken steps to threshing, but the local news would be able to do a service in which the crop was still intact. You will be informed about any news and photos that were sent "posthumously." For the moment we only have this picture (see above), after the threshing of the field. We thank Mr. Corrado for having reported.

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