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25 Maggio 2009: Brugherio (Milano)

cerchio a Brugherio

(translation by google from Planetcircles. Thanks to cropcircleconncetor)

The first circle in the grain of the Italian season in 2009 was found in a field cultivated with wheat, near the park increases, on the border between the town of Brigherio and in Carugate. Training is also visible from the bypass between the output and the Carugate Brugherio (direction Milano). Formation appears in its set as a ring composed of a series of circles of diameters more or less extended and is between 2 meters to 16 meters to reach the higher circles. These are 3 that, in combination with other 10-meter circles, draw the vertices of a seal of Solomon; figure better understood from the drawing below.
cerchio a Brugherio cerchio a Brugherio cerchio a Brugherio

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