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June 20th 2009: Cascina martina (Turin)

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Thanks to "Spacefreedom" we are aware of a magnificent crop circle appeared in Cascina Martina at Chieri, town of Riva, the province of Turin. We believe this is so far the "crop of the year" with respect to the Italian peninsula. And maybe also in the running with the British, for symbolism and perfection.
cerchio a Cascina Martina
Photo and info: http://www.margheritacampaniolo.it/crop_circles_2009/cascina_martina.htm

Let's read something directly from the article of "Spacefreedom":

We have been informed by C. Louis, 39 years old impassioned by flight but also crop circles: "I have so often read on its website that comes across to colleagues in circles in the grain I have e. .. tried a lot of envy. I like so much that nothing nothing! Today the emotion was unbelievable, unbelievable. I know that you love the circles and then let the "I" in good hands, I can not wait to see him on your site and I hope that those who try to look at my own emotion. [...]
Estimated about 90 meters in diameter with an area occupied more than the 8000 square meters and is composed of a rosette from 96 different parts consisting of circles (72) and turbot (No. 12) and distributed along a "path" of arms that curve depart from the median of 12 ellipses arranged centrally to form the heart of this superb fiorito figure 12 areas creates a spiral.
Its elegant and harmonious figure stands up and can not hit the key that you use most, 12. Mythical and sacred number for many cultures, perhaps more than other numbers spans across nations and epochs, and on totally different time scale practically infinite since man began to investigate "the existence". Without recourse to symbols of a religious or esoteric and cabalistic just want to astronomical phenomenon that far from fanciful to the Twelve: the precession of the equinoxes with its twelve astronomical ages of approximately 2100 years each.
But how to escape temptation, faced with a crop circle, to be guided by its "feel"? Not even I am free and I then it is natural to bring this circle astronomical event tomorrow: the summer solstice. There seems no better way to celebrate if not with this crop circle, anthem for the Earth, man and nature, indeed to the grain ... It was for this that men investigating the ancient sky, namely the need to recognize the signs of nature useful to perform the difficult task of "survive" and today it is very difficult to "survive", although for different reasons. Believe we are masters of the world and instead of it we're away ... That area of Italy is a hymn to the grain and character, "for most of the work rives campaign is very fertile," so we made a historic campaign of the place. Here they celebrate the Historical Trebbiatura of here Sunday closest to June 22, with a solemn procession to the chapel of Our Lady of the Fountain (near the "our" circle), is celebrated San Albano, protector of the peasants here a group of "alien" has found the right setting, motivation, inspiration, joy of doing what was first in their mind and that is now offered in the eyes of all of us, not against nature, but nature does not against the sky, but beneath the sky, not against men but to men. The history of the circles is all here.

(Taken from the site "Spacefreedom. For the complete article and other beautiful pictures see:

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