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June 20th 2009: Cascina martina (Turin)

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There comes now a mail in writing of a woman (which for now will call GD) that indicates the presence of a crop circle

cerchio a Bergamo cerchio a Bergamo

The crop is located in a place where even last year (May 18 to be exact) had been found (by G.D.) some "signs" that we classified as not-authentic: http://www.cropfiles.it/cropcircles2008/Allettamento_2008.html
The news is confirmed by an official source, and photographs from the newspaper "Eco di Bergamo" http://www.ecodibergamo.it/stories/Cronaca/78348_cerchi_nel_grano_nella_bassa_la_gente_alieni_burloni/

So we would like to thank G.D. and quote the newspaper, waiting for further news:

Tremble, tremble, the Martians are back, but one that pays the bill is the farmer who cultivates the land. In the countryside of Lower evidence of "disturbing presence" of aliens are witnessed by the legendary circles in the grain: it have appeared in a cultivated between Brignano Gera d'Adda and Vidalengo (fraction of Caravaggio), in Cascina Piane. Joke of a joker? It may be, but there are those who say that aliens are among us gliding. What we do know is that the news was soon to go about the country and the whole area, attracting many curious on-site. Too many according to the farmer, who has launched an appeal does not come - he said - because you would see further damage to the crop, already partly compromised. It was the farmer tries to discover where he had gone into the wheat has noticed the plants and crushed, after a few steps, he realized that it was strange circles. A quick visit with some friends and it was found that the circles were well-5 with a diameter of 5 to 13 meters. The 5 circles have a diameter of 8, 13, 8, 8,5. The first and the last are connected by a curvilinear path along 100 meters. The fact has not failed to attract comments from other people. For some of these works of "alien pranksters, others just pranksters, [...]

Giancarla was also on site, and we report the details of interest:
This morning I visited the village of Piana Cascina Brignano for see that the circles were formed, and unfortunately I found the owner which had already cut across the field, but I exchanged with him a few word. As I said the circles were formed in the night Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 with rainy weather and perhaps in time, not memory. I do not know why it has not been told the newspaper the exact day of appearance. Assured me that the ears were bent but not broken and the seeds were removed from their home, they should not be false, as some have supposed. Also told me that was five circles as written in the newspaper but from the first started at a range of many small circles to unite to seek both ends. Did not consider the notice immediately because they do not concerned. Only the other day someone if they have noticed and was the delirium, even a man entered the field with the car ruining the wheat remained. E 'stato Carabinieri on the advice of the owner decided to cut, although in fact the field was already ready to be cut. I am very sorry not to be arrived at time to admire this unexplainable phenomenon, I hope in next.

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