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7-10 Giugno 2009: Castelfranco - Nonantola (Modena)

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cerchio a Modena
Foto: Gimmi. Grazie a Giandomenico. Concesso l'uso a Cropfiles.it

Some of our readers and collaborators (Thanks to Michele and Fabio particolae) we reported the presence of a crop appeared near Modena. It appears that is on the way "Bonvino" between the town and Gaggio Nonantola. Ne news from Il Resto del Carlino, 10 June, with the following article:
cerchio a Modena

The ears, neatly 'lying' on the ground, have attracted the attention of many curious. And there is already who secures the landing of the UFO phenomenon and who to anything but a joke extraterrestrial
Modena, 10 June 2009. The news has already attracted the attention of many curious: mysterious circles in wheat have appeared for some days, in a field between Castelfranco and Nonantola. And there is already talk about a visit to the alleged "aliens" who have chosen the town of Modena in order to land with their spacecraft.
The geometric shapes in the fields lead to a widespread phenomenon, especially in England, from the late 70s and from which the 'director of thrill' M. Night Shyamalan has taken, in 2002, the famous movie Signs, which has the actor Mel Gibson. Even there, shouting at the landing of aliens, however, the ufo-skeptics - in fiction as in reality - give the 'drawings' in the grain at a joke that anything extra-terrestrial.
Thus, the population of Modena Province is divided between curiosity and skepticism, but the fact remains that the circles in the fields of Castlefranco any, remains as a mystery of their origin. The ears of corn are not cut, but neatly 'lying' on the ground, all in the same direction. And, speaking of jokes, there are also those who joked about the fact that the new administration, once settled, has a nice 'tough nuts to crack'...
Text and Image, Il resto del Carlino:

A photo-video of this event is also available on "youtube" at:

We also thank Debora, we report an article by Elena Benassi appeared on portal "qui Modena":
(http://www.viaemilianet.it/notizia.php?id=2032) :

Those strange circles in the grain
Great silhouettes, perfect and regular, have appeared in the night and between Nonantola Gaggio. They are awakened the curiosity of many, even if the alien, for now, there is no trace.
MODENA, 10 JUN. 2009 - no stain of oil, no ear smoky single most circles, perfect, regular. Will also be small and green but are mechanical engineers and experienced these aliens. The circles have sprung from night to day in a wheat field on the border between the territories and Nonantola Gaggio. "This is from there and FIOM" the mayor has ruled the country first, loading the drive on the new first citizen of Castelfranco, and among the first tasks is to precisely deal with the emergency landing extraterrestrials.
Jokes aside, the only sure thing is that we are really looking for and that, some days are drawing dozens of onlookers. A phenomenon yet to be explained that the ears flattened, to form shapes in these large fields of cereals. And just because there is no explanation on the origin and defined cases, the assumptions are many and not the few, worldwide, to think that these pictograms are linked to forms of life far away from us.
Thus, next to whom, gallops with imagination, it is hours and hours affixed armed with a powerful telephoto lens to capture movements or strange lights in the sky, there are those who have been baptized by the circles as the work of pranksters, for distract attention from efforts tight election year. We do not unbalanced. Far from the needle to tilt the balance on one version or another, in full respect of the par condicio not take place. But a revelation is a must: the wheat field in question is located in Bonvino. Only a chance

Even the skeptical opinion of a reader of our forums, who has visited the training:

I visited yesterday afternoon, the circle appeared in a wheat field in Gaggio (Modena) and I noticed that the grains of wheat in the ear bent, but perfectly intact, as are "towstati", are hard and difficult spezzabili the contrary around the ears, not interested in the phenomenon, they usually soft grains.

We also receive a mail from our reader (who prefers to remain anonymous, we call her Mrs. "L") which tells us that:

I arrived early, before dell'orda that has trampled all over [...] and the ears were combed to perfection and not crushed, showed a bending at the base (I kept a few pieces) but they are not broken. I have not seen signs of impressions and the design is perfect, like running, the lines of demarcation between folded ears and in ears and feet are sharp regolarissime. Responding to the guy who said that the grains inside the folded ears were "toasted" I would say that is wrong: I chewed a few grains of wheat in question, and I found many degrees of maturation, some even still soft, as in line with the not yet complete maturation of the field itself. For the rest I do not know what to say except that it is a beautiful design and that anyone who has made at least has the merit of bringing many people to see the real "gold" that is, those beautiful ears.

Other splendid aerial images taken from Planetcircles site, thanks to the pilot David. You can see the PDF version of this article, and at http://www.planetcircles.com

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