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Cerchi nel grano - Crop circles

11 Giugno 2009: Monforte d'Alba (Cuneo)

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cerchio a Monfortež
cerchio a Monforte Alba

We received mail from a gentleman (called "trifase"), accompanied by 2 photographs. Here's what we wrote:

In my area salve in Monforte d'Alba in the hamlet of San Giovanni yesterday I photographed a circle in the grain and I would like to know if this is an original or a fake. The day before there was a sighting of an object discoid in my area. In thanking "phase", we can not answer anything "conclusive". We do not know if this is a true or false (to know, if you intend on what does the word "genuine", serve a scientific analysis conducted on the ground, in line with the approved right), and it is difficult to say whether or not a circle in the grain. E 'a circle, but it seems irregular, with a big heart decentralized. And although it is not clear whether the field is cultivated with wheat. Perhaps it is not a crop circle, but it certainly is something that reminds him very closely. It could be the work of some aspiring circle-maker "grass" could be the track of something that was resting above (even a spaceship for would believe). So we could make inferences to many, but would serve no purpose. Like anything, of course, we can say about the alleged sighting of an object discoid. Who could have seen more easily believe that the circle is the work of a landing. For the moment we can only publish the information, and if you keep it updated developments.

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