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1-5 Giugno 2009: Monteiasi (Taranto)

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After Brugherio, the italian wheat fields offer us another show, this time in a South region which has never been affected by this phenomenon till now. We are talking about the second italian crop circle, sighted and photographed in Monteiasi, near Taranto. The news comes from the website "SpaceFreedom".

cerchio a Monteiasi

Image: SpaceFreedom (http://www.margheritacampaniolo.it/crop_circles_2009/monteiasi.htm)

So we just quote "Spacefreedom" (where you can find other nice pictures):
The crop circle [...] is [..] close to what appears to be (on the right) a cemetery. It is located up the "rectangles" of land planted with olive trees, with evidence growing that more interested in the area. The site in question, searching on Google maps, it is easily detectable, and the field is between the provincial-street and the road Montemesola Contrada San Nicola.
How much is it big? [..] some signs may indicate a diameter around 40 meters (to be confirmed), the field does not have the usual tramlines that we are accustomed to see [...] but by carefully watching some shots not escape the presence of four "sections" or parallel stripes, marks left by the time of sowing the seed, perhaps the only means agricultural land that has seen since moving to the present. Usually each of these broad bands is around ten meters.
It is a great circle, there is no doubt. A simplicity is not without its charm and, seemingly, of most immediate geometric construction.
Well done, cleaned up, those in which the word circle in the grain goes in full for the exclusive use of circular forms for growing concerned. The circle, more than any other geometric figures, refers to a thousand feelings, a thousand and symbolic representations to endless readings. To me, just seen, recalled the angelic figure, four special angelic figure marked a sublime mosaic in the apse of the Cathedral of Cefal¨: four Serafini. The Seraphim are the spirits of heaven in the highest degree of the angelic hierarchy. An expert of the subject, Elizabeth Prophet, he defined in his book, The angels of victory, a victory in support dell'arduo human journey that can lead to detachment from earthly concerns, the rise, for lighting. A comparison of some prosaic, we realize, but this is what those who love the circles in the grain ask the circles.

Below are also a diagram of Andreas MŘller
diagramma del cerchio di Monteiasi

We not only have to thank the anonymous gentleman who discovered this crop, and Margaret for the dissemination of news. And we will keep you updated when there are updates and further news.


Another article on the net, this time on 15 June, by Domenico Quaranta, says this is a human "primitive" work:
The tire tracks and cigarette butts, and the absence of insects on fire (which bears witness to the assumption made previously) on the left ear to believe that the circle has a very human and rudimentary. So nothing mysterious, it seems only found expensive to the owner of the field (and not by his fault, at least for now). And to think that some newspapers have even linked the event with unidentified flying objects sighted in the area .... .
(Extract from full article you can read here: http://www.grottaglieinrete.it/public/post/i-cerchi-nel-grano-ritrovati-a-monteiasi-tutto-falso-e-vi-spieghiamo-perche- 1703.asp)

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