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Cerchi nel grano - Crop circles

20 Giugno 2009: Villamarzana (Rovigo)

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The source is the newspaper "Il Gazzettino", edition of Rovigo, in an article in the June 21, signed by Elizabeth Zanchetta, entitled "Looking in the grain on a piece of land to Villamarzana; yet found any buontempone". For the moment no other details are known and there are photographs. Next article:

After two years, Polesine have resurfaced in the much discussed circles.
Some farmers have noticed that on land near Villamarzana, plants were strangely bent down and just watching from the ground could see the circular geometric shapes. 45 ░ cranes, "Research Group on the phenomena of abnormal Polesine bright", has conducted some preliminary analysis and it is clear that the "crop circle" is a fake, especially for geometric shapes inaccurate. "The fact dates from the end of last week - tells Jerri Ercolini, explaining the findings of the group pointed out - we noticed that the plants had not suffered a el'intrecciamento attracted, but was strongly bent to the point of suffering the break, the nodules failed to mention specific swelling and most importantly, no traces were found of any abnormal electromagnetic fields. Even photos taken in infrared dell'agroglifo reported specific abnormalities or any signs of light attached.
The latest attempt to create a crop circle in Polesine, apparently the result of some buontempone that, to spend time, thought to express a primitive form of "land art", the content and even small geometric comparable to the real experts Manufacturers of Wheat circles, Creating in a position where it could barely be seen. "This is not useful for the research and study on the real" crop circles ", which investigates matters even famous scientists - concluded Ercolini - to the point that in the myriad of reports, is likely to sooner or later also neglect a possible formation authentic ' .

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