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9 Giugno 2009: Torrechiara-Langherio (Parma)

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cerchio a Torrechiara
foto: Pattera

June 11th, comes an article on "La Gazzetta di Parma" in which is to be a beautiful crop circle found near Torrechiara (Parma). This is more of a circle that contains four circles that intersect. La Gazzetta claims immediately, openly, that is the work of unknown "jokers":
Torrechiara: appearing circles. But the "extraterrestrials" have left too many traces
In a field at the foot of the castle appeared Torrechiara new circles. For some time now not the case in Parma, after the episode of Panocchia 2004. There are no magnetic fluctuations or the grain is spread out uniformly.
The authors of the gesture, which have affected the crops of a farmer in the area, the more [that] the aliens are probably "buontemponi" very skilled at technical level, in designing using ropes and wooden beams. Who made the circles remains unknown but likely a civil complaint and criminal damage to property.

In another interesting site appear Marco Vasini photos (some of which are given below) and reads:
Langhirano morning in the field under the facade of the castle was a circular design that recalls the famous crop circles: circles in the grain which, in some science fiction legend, would be made by alien spaceships. Similar designs have been spotted a few days ago and also between Castelfranco Nonantola in the province of Modena. That behind these appearances there is the hand of the same buontempone
cerchio a Torrechiara cerchio a Langherio

Other news, this time the most authoritative, always arrives on 11 June Parma Editor of "La Repubblica", and to talk about is the biologist and head of scientific CUN Giorgio Pattera:

The ufologist Giorgio Pattera biologist Vice President of Galileo and the scientific center of national ufologist Roberto Pinotti this morning has made the on-pragmatic field of wheat in the shadow of the castle of Torrechiara, where is a comprarse "crop circle". This is his opinion: "It's aliens, I assure you, not even the shadow. This is usually coarse and attempt to imitate, by 'circlemakers' to turn (buontemponi young, finished the school year), the' crop 'genuine matrix of English. It follows from infinite traces left on the ground by the low skill and fast (fear of being identified?), the prerogative of the improvisers. "

Pattera also took photos of the crop and some details, which demonstrate the flaws and some issues to be inferred that this was a fairly expert hand, but still of a hand .. The list in PDF version. The original can be seen at this address: http://parma.repubblica.it/multimedia/home/6391193/1 A curious picture, from the inside, was taken by Riccardo Pulieri, and turned to the Gazzetta di Parma (also as PDF).

Also we do, in addition to alerts for this crop for which we have to thank Fabio and Michael, she had a testimony of a person who had visited the site. In particular, this includes "Faber", who runs the site "The alternativaIsaia", who wrote:
Now I come from there and I must say that the circle seems to me a big fake. The ears do not have signs of burns, where the stem is bent, but these appear to lie down artificially. The same crop does not seem to me to be so perfect as achievement, indeed ...

Finally we point out a video for this crop, available on "You Tube":

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