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June 14th 2012: Camponogara (Venezia)

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June 14th 2012: Camponogara (Venezia)

L.D - @ Cropfiles.it
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Camponogara, Venetian town of about 13 thousand inhabitants in the province of Venice, in the next few days probably will have many more people, with the likely arrival of crowds of onlookers from every part of Italy. They will come to visit a crop circle, found Thursday, June 14th. The news is still unofficial, we've heard some rumors, however, confirmed in the night by the appearance of a video over "youtube": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAaLonftUzg

crop circle a Camponogara

crop circle a Camponogara crop circle a Camponogara
Images extracted from the movie loaded by user "toposamu" on youtube, at the above address.

It is early to make any consideration. However, this is a circular formation of medium-large size. There seems to be some inaccurancies, especially on the perimeter circumference of the semicircle that is not been flattened. A pair of "tramlines" also passes right in the middle of the circle. Finally, if there was not that central ring (but there is!), this would be a drawing among the easiest ever to be realized, although it presents a captivating design. We await further information, images, and reports about this case, and we will update you as soon as possible.

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