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Uly 1th 2013: Brignano (Bergamo)

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July 1th 2013: Brignano (Bergamo)

L.D - @ Cropfiles.it
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A question we often ask ourselves, not being easy (maybe not even possible) to answer: how many crop circles, each year, are beyond the series? remaining unexplored, undiscovered? Surely more than one.
This one of Brignano, for what it seems, has threatened to be just one of them, except that after two weeks of silence, the author ("Birillo") of an aerial photo of this agrogliph, has finally informed the site "cropcircleconnector ":
"According to the witness it's located in a wheat field in Brignano (Bergamo): you can see it on the left of the Sp127 that links Brignano to Pagazzano before the crossroad with Via Suor Francaldina driving from Brignano to Pagazzano. The formation is near a shed and a house under construction".
crop circle Brignano
image: scuolavolocaravaggio.it via cropcircleconnector

For the moment, no one knows any useful information, we confidently expect upcoming news, with which - as always - we'll update this article.
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